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Zoe Lemos MUSIC

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"punk charged indie

rock w/earworm melodies"



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About Artist

I write lyrics inspired by Courtney Barnett and Rina Sawayama and Noah Kahan, with production influences from 2010’s pop rock, Indie bands, Jrock and Kpop. I have an awkward personality which plays out for a very fun performance. I write about injustices that I've faced, but also silly things like nutella and disco balls falling on my crushe's head (fictional..) I play music because I would be absolutely insufferable if i didn't. I also play music because it brings me joy to tell stories and to listen to stories and to meet new people.

Music gives me the belief that maybe i could change something, Even if it's just changing someone's mind on their opinion about if nutella belongs on toast (it doesn't).. I wrote this draft thinking about some of the things I've been told about what an artist statement should have. I struggled find artist from a different generation that might be more useful for an older person to kind of grasp what kind of music i play. I’ll do some research and ask around. I tried to put a lot of personality in my artist statement because I think it has a lot to do with my performances. I found it hard to describe the type of music I make because I don't feel like I have a “sound” yet.

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Recordinnng my feet can’t touch the grou
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