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“Zoe’s innate skill and impressive work ethic sets her apart from the rest, and bodes well for a bright, promising future.”

- Pamela Means Singer Songwriter, Jazz Musician , Educator

"Zoe Lemos’ passion for music and social justice might be about equal. She lives and breathes and expands her capacity as an activist and artist each day.  If there were more people like Zoe in the world,  there would be a whole lot more great music and a whole lot less injustice." 

—Ann Hackler, Executive director Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA)

"Zoe Lemos makes properly good pop rock.  Songs that won't leave you alone and you love that they won't.  Just enough poppy itch to make you wiggle and then just enough rock backbeat to scratch the itch, with vocals that manage to do both.  Her voice is hers, though - don't let the pop reference fool you. No small feat in a pop world. Zoe sounds like herself, has something to say, and says it in a way you'll put on repeat.


(Plus, it's so satisfying to be able to feel smug-in-advance about loving her music now, because sooner or sooner than that, this woman is going to be everywhere.  But you're welcome to thank me today.)"

—Willa Mamet, Musician +

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